Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Ideas for Hanukkah: Beautiful Perfume Bottle Menorahs

With Hanukkah starting December 16th, we thought it an appropriate time to revisit the Perfume Bottle Menorah's we put together last year.  The Hanukkah Menorah is an ancient Jewish tradition and ceremonial art that usually involves a nine branched candelabrum lit throughout the eight days of Hanukkah.  Each night of the Hanukkah celebration a new candle is lit using the candle from the ninth branch, known as the shamash, or "helper" candle, which may also be used as an extra light.  It is kosher for the shamash to be offset on a higher or lower plain than the eight main candles.

Clear DIY Perfume Bottle Menorah
Using our lovely, vintage inspired, hand-cut perfume bottles, we put together these two variations of the popular DIY Bottle Menorahs by mixing & matching sizes and styles from our beautiful collection.

Upon reviewing the tradition with observers among the LB Team, we discovered that opinions vary as to whether or not the 8 main candles should be arranged in a straight line or a curve.  Our stylist, Kate, thought it wise to try both.  As you can see, the results are stunning!
Sapphire Blue DIY Perfume Bottle Menorah

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and carefully colored in essential jewel tones, it goes without saying these hand crafted perfume bottles are a great way to design your own bottle Menorah.  Considering how versatile these vessels really are, they would make beautiful gifts for your loved ones, as well...

Especially considering that for a limited time you can save 20% on these lovelies at Luna Bazaar!  Use Coupon Code: BOTTLES20 at checkout. {This promotion is no longer active, however, some of our bottles have been permanently discounted, come & check out their new lower prices!}

Please share your designs with us!  Simply #lunabazaardecor on the social media network of your choice, and we will share our favorites across our channels.
~ Happy Holidays & LOTS OF LOVE from the LB Team ~

Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY Halloween Garland | Paper Lantern Jack O' Lanterns & Tissue Paper Pom Pom Spiders!

DIY Halloween Garland | Paper Lantern Jack O' Lanterns & Tissue Paper Pom Pom Spiders! 

Halloween is my all-time favorite Holiday for several reasons:
First, what is more amazing than getting to dressed up to be ANYTHING you want?  To dream up a character, create a costume, and then strut your stuff... in public no less!

Second: The parties! I LOVE Halloween costume parties… the themed food, the games, the Halloween crafts, not to mention the eclectic mixture of guests, their jovial banter filling Halloween with spooktacular joy.

Third: The memories… as a kid my parents would ask us: "what would you like to be this year?".  In the weeks following we'd make DIY Halloween costumes & crafty Halloween decorations; from spooky socks to porch lights, by All Hollow’s Eve our house was decked to the nines with witch hats, decorative pumpkins, spider webs and more!

This year I finally have a home I can call my own, and I've been so excited to fill it with cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and swooping bat decor.  Alas, when I started to plan for Halloween I quickly realized that it would take more time and money than I had in my "whimsy" budget to make my home as festive as the one I grew up in. 

Determined, I jumped onto the internet for affordable inspirations, & after Pinning 'til I couldn’t blink, I combined some of my favorite Halloween craft ideas and came up with this wonderful Halloween garland project using affordable decor from Luna Bazaar.

I chose to make my jack-o-lanterns with three variations from Luna Bazaar’s orange Premium Paper Lanterns: Tangerine, Cayenne, and Mango.  To make the garland even more unique, I tweaked a Martha Stewart idea to better suit my design, and made a couple of Fluffy Pom Pom Spiders to alternate the jack-o-lanterns.  Come Halloween these little guys are going to greet my guests in the main entrance to my house, but for now they are peering down on my co-workers as they arrive every morning... because I wouldn’t want them to miss out on my insatiable Halloween spirit!

DIY Paper Lantern Jack-O-Lanterns

What you will need:
1.) Pair of sharp crafting scissors
2.) Double-sided tape
3.) Thin gauge copper wire- you could also use pipe cleaners, floral wire, or any other wire.
4.) 3 orange premium paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar.  I chose one of each of the the following:
- One 10” Mango Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
- One 10” Cayenne Orange Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
- One 10” Tangerine Orange Paper Lantern, available in Parallel or Freestyle ribbing
Note: if you are on a tight budget, you could use the light or dark orange “No Frills” Paper Lanterns to save a little extra.
Now that we have all of the DIY Halloween crafting supplies in order, lets turn up the Halloween playlist and get crafty!

Start by opening all of the paper lanterns.  This way you will know exactly how much surface area you have to create the pumpkin face.  If this is your first time working with paper lanterns feel free to check out our How To Hang Paper Lanterns Guide.

I chose to give each Jack-o-lantern a different face, but if you prefer a more unified look, you can cut out the same features for each lantern.

To make the eyes the same, draw one eye onto the crepe paper with a light colored pencil and fold the crepe paper in half, then cut out the eye from the two layers ~ Voila!

Once all of the features are cut out, get out your double sided tape. Start by applying the tape to the crepe paper and give it a light press to be sure that it’s firmly attached.
Start the Jack-o-lantern face by applying the mouth to the lantern. This way you can gauge how far apart to put the other features.

Now that they have their faces let’s give them a little detail to really bring them to life!
I used some of Luna Bazaar’s GORGEOUS Ombre Green Italian Premium Crepe Paper to give them a little leaf and vine curl.

Cut one and half inch wide strips of the crepe paper (one for each lantern), then gently compress the strips so that they are not as wide.  Thread the crepe paper through one of the top loops on the lantern with about five inches of crepe paper on each side.  Use one side to create the leaf and the rest of the length to create the vine.
With a pen or a pencil start at the free end of the vine side of crepe paper, and wrap tightly around the pen/pencil until it is wrapped all the way to the lantern. Slide the pen out of the crepe paper, and gently pull the crepe paper spiral you have made- this will give it the curly vine look!
Now for the leaf side!- spread the crepe paper out to its widest , and trim the free end in a “leaf point”.

DIY Tissue Paper Pom Pom Spiders

These creepy crawlies are so simple to make, it’s scary!  Here is the list of materials you will need to build your very own furry legged friends!:

1.) 10" Black Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers - or one Tissue paper Pom Pom for each spider you are making.  I chose to make them 10”, but you could go larger or smaller if you want!
2.) One Black Tie Italian Crepe Paper Roll - Luna Bazaar’s newest addition: heavy weight premium crepe paper available in an extensive palette of luxuriously rich colors!
3.) Thin gauge copper wire
4.) Double sided tape
5.) Sharp scissors
6.) Wire cutters
7.) Your crafting play list on Pandora!

Once you have fluffed your tissue paper pom poms, set them aside, I prefer to prep all of the steps first, and then start to assemble.
Start by measuring how long you would like the spider’s legs to be- the spider in this shoot had 18” long legs.

Then double over the length of the wire and measure out 4 pieces. This is the spider’s skeleton, so you want the sections to be twice as long as each leg so you can fold the 4 sections in half, and end up with 8 legs! –you will need the bend in the legs later for attaching them to the Pom Pom body.
Now that you have the wire cut, it’s time to measure the black crepe paper out for each leg. I measured the crepe paper into 5” wide by 18” tall strips- once again you want these to be twice as wide as the width of each spider leg, as you will be folding the crepe paper in half to attach it to the wire.

{Crafters Hint: Pre-fold!!! EVERYTHING}  The crepe paper needs to be folded in half the long way to help with placement for the wire, and double sided tape application.

The wire will need to be folded in half to help you identify the crepe paper placement. be sure to leave a small amount of space near the bend to use when attaching the legs to the Pom Pom.
First lay a section of crepe paper down, then measure out your double sided tape to fit the full length of the crepe paper. Once you have the tape down, place the copper wire on the tape and then carefully fold the crepe paper in half to conceal the wire {and tape}!  Now, repeat this sequence seven more times!!!

With all of the legs made it’s time to attach them to the Pom Pom!  Where the exposed wire is bent, twist the bends with your thumb and index finger to make loops between each pair of legs.
Now string all of the loops onto a small piece of wire that you will use to attach the legs to the Pom Pom.  Divide the legs into two groups of four, on either side of the small piece of wire. Then carefully separate the layers of tissue on the Pom Pom to find it’s “waist” & tighten the wire as close to the center as you can.  The tighter the wire is on the Pom Pom, the “perkier” the legs will be!

NOW the fun part!  Cut the open side of the crepe paper on the spider’s legs to give them a fuzzy texture.  If you are fortunate & have fringing scissors, then have at it!  If, like me, you are stuck with plain ol’ scissors, turn up the tunes & start cutting!  Be sure not to cut all the way through the leg.
{Crafter’s Hint: Try cutting the crepe paper at two angles to make the fringe uneven. This gives the effect of more layers!}


I ended up adding Eyes to the little buggers because who could resist?!  Their eyes are made using Champagne and Black Tie colored crepe paper. {Fringe lashes optional.}

Cut 2 3” x 3” section of champagne crepe paper. Trim the edges to make them into round circles.
Then cut 1.5” x 1.5” sections of the black tie crepe paper. Trim the edges to make them into round circles.

Use some double sided tape to attach the black tie to the champagne, and then two small pieces of double sided tape on the back of the champagne to attach the eyes to the Pom Pom.
Voila!- you have made yourself some new friends to greet guests during the Lovely Halloween season!

All that is left is to string them up using our Black Tie & Tangerine Baker's Twine... Adorable!

Shop unique styles in Halloween String Lights at Luna Bazaar!

Photographed by Maia Bissette and Kate Milliken
Edited by Maia Bissette

Friday, August 8, 2014

Full Moon Party Ideas and Inspirations!

There is something so wonderful and festive about celebrating the moon.  After all, it is the moon that connects us with our emotions, and that rhythmic sync guides us through the phases of the night sky, peaking when the moon is full.  We have been blessed this summer with three mega super moons, but this August moon—the most elusive, visceral & powerful, is one that I'm most excited about celebrating. We have been no stranger to that powerful pull of the Lunar presence, and with so many full moon celebrations that will be happening across the globe, we wanted to you give you a special peek at what we are planning for ours.

Loving this Tapestry?  Shop our full collection here.

There is such wonderful elegance in nature, and being the bohemian dreamer I am, I chose driftwood as the centerpiece for this moonlit, sunset, outdoor dining table.  I surrounded it with succulents, Pillar Candles and Moroccan Style Lanterns, then adorned it with Tea Lights.  Of course, the crowning jewel of this magical scene is the lovely Cyra Mandala Tapestry, which makes for a beautiful bohemian style tablecloth.  The great thing about a moonlit Summer Soiree is you can really get creative with your party decorations!

This weekend's August 2014 Super Moon will be the closest the moon is to the earth this year!  Across the North America, the Moon will turn full on August 10 at 2:09 p.m. EDT, 1:09 p.m. CDT, 12:09 p.m. MDT and 11:09 a.m. PDT.  This means the best time for viewing and photographing will be Sunday night after sunset.  In the days following, the Perseids Meteor Shower will light up the night sky alongside the waning Super Moon, peaking the 11th through the 13th.

Luna moon inspires laughing to the music of a crackling fire & the fiddling of crickets {as you know they are partying too}.  With this in mind we layer colors, decorative throw pillows, and textures; mixing metals with natural elements and lighting lanterns to match the glow of the moon.

And for a little extra inspiration, we encourage you to take advantage of our Full Moon Flash Sale!!!
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Please share your Moon Party inspirations with us with #lunabazaardecor!!!

If you love the idea of throwing a full moon dinner party, we recommend checking out this feature via DESIGNLOVEFEST.

Styling & Photography by Angelina
Edited by Maia

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wedding Decoration Ideas: Centerpieces Under $35!

With wedding season in full bloom, we couldn't be more excited to celebrate all the happy couples coming together, which is why we've welcomed you all with wedding week 2014!  With the sweetness of love in the air and on the web, this year's wedding week reflects all the joys of what it means to celebrate a devoted union.  From the overwhelming moments of ecstatic delight to the jovial jive of the dance floor, we're here to offer up some DIY, budget friendly wedding ideas to ease the planning process so you can make your wedding vision a reality!

Determine a few things that you deem as essential on your big day and allow yourself to splurge.  For some, that would be the photography/videography, for others it may be an open bar.  That being said, it is important that you are able to enjoy your day without feeling paranoid about your reception spending.  Also, be weary of any DIY ideas that require you to allocate your time to projects right before the wedding.  The last thing you want is the stress and hassle of preparing a DIY photo-booth or a DIY dessert table.

A lot of people offer up amazing ideas about ways to cut costs by eliminating some component of the wedding celebration.  Instead of eliminating those components, we've designed some solutions that will get you more bang for your buck!

Flowers have been known to be a hefty cost for a wedding, so we've come up with an affordable centerpiece solution for under $35 per table {including flowers} that takes minimal time to create to boot!  Considering the average wedding size is about one hundred people, we've based our calculations on 10 tables of 10 people.

Our centerpiece solution includes a gorgeous Silver Mercury Glass Vase, a Set of 4 Mercury Glass Candle Holders, and darling, affordable flowers.  You can get 6 bunches of Baby's Breath for around $55 at Sams Club.  For 10 tables of 10 people you will need 5 bunches. This allows for extra just in case!  There are around 10 stems per bunch and you need about 5 stems per vase.  We found that filling the vases with more water was essential to making sure all of the stems were submerged after styling.

Our elegant and simple centerpiece option is a great way to add an affordable sophisticated touch to your special day!

Check out these ideas for additional matching décor in Silver & Lilac:

Lilac Purple Honeycomb Paper Flowers with a tuft of Baby's Breath make wonderful, affordable chair accents.

Fill a pretty Lilac Purple Favor Bag with chocolate, candies, or other small gifts and pair with our Mercury Glass Silver Bell Place Card Holder to share the love with guests on your special day.

Make a simple, elegant chandelier with a 20" Lilac Purple Paper Lantern and a 10" Wisteria Purple Paper Lantern dangling just below!

We hope you've enjoyed our Lilac Purple & Silver Mercury Glass inspiration!  Please note that our Mercury Glass is available in both Silver & Gold, and our Favor Bags, Paper Fan Flowers, and Paper Lanterns are available in a stunning selection of colors.  Visit our Shop By Color Page to see for yourself.  Here's to Wedding Week and a beautiful Summer filled with love...

As always, we encourage you to share your decorating adventures with us!  Please #lunabazaardecor when sharing your pics on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

OH YEAH, please be sure to enter our Dream Wedding Pin To Win Contest for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree!  Click HERE for details!  Good luck & happy pinning! 

Styling by Maia & Angelina
Photographed & Edited by Maia Bissette

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wedding Week: Pin to Win Contest!

As we enter mid-summer with the sound of wedding bells ringing each weekend, we've taken the cue with a week dedicated to all things wedding!  Welcome to Wedding Week 2014, my lovely luna friends!

This week we are offering affordable centerpiece options for the budget friendly bride, a Dream Weddings pin to win contest, plus tips and ideas throughout the week to ensure the most blissful of wedding planning!

To kick off Wedding Week 2014, Pin to Win a $200 Shopping Spree at Luna Bazaar! 
{see details below}

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow Luna Bazaar on Pinterest (If you aren't already) 
  2. Create a Pinterest board that reflects the wedding decorations of your dream wedding!  
  3. Include at least 10 items pinned directly from on your board —the rest can be anything from anywhere that you’d want at your dream wedding!
  4. When your board is complete, leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your Pinterest board so we can check it out!  A favorite will be chosen, and the winner will receive a $200 Shopping Spree at Luna Bazaar!

Deadline is Friday, July 18th at 12pm EST.  Good luck, and have fun pinning!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bohemian Dream Catcher DIY

When I was six years old my family spent the entire summer traveling across country. I suppose you could say this is where my bohemian spirit seeded. We started in Maine and ventured west, exploring national parks and all that’s in between, (which, by the way, is an incredible amount).  My most favorite two weeks were spent in Arizona on an Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon.  We hiked the Grand Canyon, enjoyed the organic rock water slides on the Colorado River, participated in the occasional water balloon fight, chased jackrabbits in the petrified wood forest, and learned so much along the way.  It truly was the trip of a lifetime, but with all the stimulation that comes with traveling, I had been having some pretty intense dreams for a six year old.

One of the days we were on the reservation we learned about dream catchers, and I found them fascinating.  I wanted one of each color and size to fill my room, but because we were traveling {and attempting to do so lightly} I had to choose one, smaller, dream catcher to have as my own.  Instead of hanging this dreamcatcher on the wall above my head each night, I placed it on my sun-kissed forehead before falling into sleep for the rest of that summer.  My mum and dad still laugh about it to this day.

With balmy nights approaching it couldn't be a better time to revive my childlike wonderment and fill my bedroom with DIY bohemian dream catchers!

Before you start:
It is important to decorate your dream catcher with sacred items.  For me, I wanted to showcase some of the seashells I’ve collected during my travels.  I themed one of the dream catchers around coastal bohemian elegance.  I love the patterns and shapes of our doilies (especially the Phoebe designs), to add some boho vintage-style to the project.

Be sure to add feathers, as Indian traditions propose that good dreams will make their way through the web, and the feathers allow them to softly slide though the dream catcher.

1. Tie a head knot to where you want your dream catcher to hang from and then macramé your quilting hoop.  I decided I wanted to spray paint one of my hoops gold and add ribbon to another.  You could modpodge fabric, or tightly warp it with yarn.

2. Lay your doily in the center of the quilting hoop and then secure the horizontal sides first, being sure to stretch and secure tightly.  The best way to secure evenly is to divide by sections.  I opted for 9 & 3 then 12 & 6 and so forth (clock sections).  This way you can secure each side with even tension.  Don't cut your twine after, let it dangle so you can attach your adornments. 

3. Once your doily web is bound evenly inside the hoop, start adding your adornments.  Braid ribbons and twine, add tassels, ornaments, feathers, shells, driftwood, beads, crystals, chimes, or anything of significance to you!  If you're hoping for a little extra glamour in your dream-scapades, use Mod-Podge or another adhesive to glitter up your feather tips!
  • Hot glue proved to be incredibly helpful when working with fishing line and the beads. 
  • Don't be afraid to over do it. You can always refine your choices. 
These Dream Catchers were made using hand crocheted Cotton Lace Doilies from Luna Bazaar.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Go Boho this Season with Full Moon Parties & Summer Solstice Celebrations!

With our Strawberry Moon Flash Sale in full swing {ends midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight!  See details below}, and our DIY Doily Dreamcatchers coming together, we are feeling oh-so boho...

The bohemian subculture unifies art, nature, rebellion and thrift with an elegance that will never go out of style.  Luna Bazaar's collections, designs and vintage inspirations are guided by the hip style trends of the modern bohemian.  We recognize that beyond the boho chic wardrobe lies a free spirited lifestyle that desires celebration.

So, if you won't be attending the Firefly Music Festival next weekend, what can be done to wrangle some joy and celebrate the first rays of the Summer Solstice on June 21st, boho style?  {If that's too soon for your party planning needs, not to worry, there are THREE full moons this Summer, including the September Harvest Moon, providing the perfect excuse to party with your tribe}.

Paper Lanterns look lovely hanging from trees.
Midsummer Night's Dream Party ~ Whether you're young at heart and up for some debauchery, or hoping to host an adorable garden party for the kids {pretty broad scope, I know}, this theme inspires a Summer Solstice Celebration in the traditions of Shakespeare & Stone Henge.  Think faeries, flower crowns, lanterns in trees, hanging candle holders, mason jars & lots of fairy lights to create a magical ambiance.
For additional inspiration, check out these links:
Naturally Fun Parties for Kids via Sparrow Magazine
& a campus Summer Solstice Party via Creative Loafing Atlanta

Bohemian Summer Picnic ~ If your idea of a party is more of an intimate affair, a healthy summer picnic with family & friends is the perfect summer pasttime to enjoy the outdoors and fill your summer schedule with love, local food and live music.  Parasols, Hand Fans, Lanterns, Doilies & Throw Pillows will help the set the scene for bohemian style lounging, laughter and sun worship!  For those of you on the fringe of this cultural phenomenon, don't be afraid to sprinkle a little free spirit into your summer this year.  We promise you won't regret it.

Enjoy this Summer bohemian-style by embellishing picnics with parasols & décor from Luna Bazaar!

Also, just a friendly reminder, we are counting down the hours of our Strawberry Moon Flash Sale! {One Day Only} Get $20, $30 or $50 Off All Items!
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